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Essences and energy healing

Come into our sacred heeling hut found within our magical Warwickshire woodlands and experience a healing session with Anneli, one of the creators of Coplow Woodlands.


Anneli is a practiced Earth, energy and light healer. She has been studying, training & teaching with holistic therapies and remedies for many years, after experiencing a major trauma in her own life. She now specialises in just two forms of holistic therapies that both centre on the Earths natural resources, see more information below. 

Green Ray Reiki Healing

Reiki is a holistic Japanese technique used for stress reduction, relaxation, and spiritual healing. In Japanese the word 'Reiki' means universal energy.


Green Ray Reiki works with the Earth energy known as the Green Ray, which is a potent and powerful life force which is kept within the earth beneath our feet. It is the regenerative energy of nature. It has the power to restore harmony and balance within us and the natural world around us. It is deeply nourishing for the physical and emotional body.


After a brief chat with Anneli you will experience a short meditation to help ground you into the healing hut. Then following this Anneli will start to channel the Green Ray healing energies. Anneli does not touch you but you'll experience some form of energy running through you, sometimes this can be in the form of heat in your feet, head or hands or a wave of colours, vibrations, images running through you. Although it's a calming and relaxing experience. Everyone always has different experience but it's always exactly what is most needed. Afterwards you and Anneli will have a short chat to discuss your experience. 

Flower Essence Healing

Essence therapy uses the healing energy of flowers, plants, trees and crystals provided via a liquid and Rescue Remedy? These were created in the 1930’s, in England. There are now many different ranges of essences from around the world. Anneli works with the Australian Bush Flower Essences, Bach, Argentine Essences, Indigo and many more. Essences support emotional balance and well-being. 



Anneli holds a safe and nurturing space for you both to have a very informal chat about why you decided to try this form of healing and your current life's path. You'll also be given a short questionnaire to fill out after. This really helps to help create a focus for what you most need from the session. Often, we come with a long list that we need support with, so it helps to get clear and focused.

Anneli will ask you to look at flower essence cards for you to then choose the cards that most resonates with you. This helps to craft the perfect essence for you, as your intuition has an influence. Together you will then create your very own bespoke flower essence blend to aid in helping to heal or assist with your current emotions or feelings. Working with essences can help us to clear and balance out difficult emotions and belief’s such as fear, anxiety and lack of confidence. They are also wonderful to use for deeper and long standing issues. Nature is a great healer.

Warwickshire Healing Therapies by Anneli

Coplow Healing Treatment Price List

Green Ray Reiki Healing 1to1

Green Ray Reiki Healing for Couples

Flower Essences Consultation 1to1

Reiki + Flower Essence Healing 1to1

Reiki + Flower Essences for Couples






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